Riviera Estate celebrates the fact that each event is unique and will entirely customize your full service package, the possibilities are endless and no request is left unattended!

The estate can be transformed into a magical place. The imposing space charms your at the first glance, combining high quality service along with discreet care of our staff, which carries many years of experience in hosting corporate and social events, creating a refined setting that exudes a sense of luxury and comfort making it perfect for social or corporate events.

This historic and secluded venue located in the heart of Tatoi’ s most exciting community, will make you feel right at home. As your guests approach the Estate, they will instantly know something truly Legendary awaits them.

Working with you and your wedding planners, our culinary team, will create a completely customized menu for your reception.

Our catering services experts have years and years of experience under their belt, and they are ready and eager to bring their master craftmanship straight to your table.



In collaboration with selected professionals

In collaboration with the best of their kind we can offer you extra benefits upon request.

Extra benefits

  • Tents
  • Especially inflatable toys and equipment
  • Amusement Park for children’s parties & christenings
  • Experienced teachers, clowns, magicians, animators etc.
  • Horses, Carousel, Flying Fox
  • Show ground fireworks
  • Photography and videography of the event
  • Balloons – Confetti
  • Security staff (security)
  • Antique car or chariot with horses or limousings entering the couple


  • A308 Tatoiou str. Tatoi
  • T+30 210 81 69 007
  • F+30 210 81 69 007


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